April 20, 2011

Win a copy of Little Sister!

There are two ways you can win a free copy of Little Sister:
  • YA Reads is giving away fantastic Walker Books packs, including my book, the latest Mortal Instruments installment and the new Alex Rider adventure
  • I'm giving away a couple of copies on Goodreads.
Go! Enter!


  1. Can't you just give me a copy???

  2. Ah, if only I could! Sadly publishers can't afford to give too many books away (or they couldn't afford to publish any!), but you could ask your library to get a copy - that way you at least get to read it for free :) (And enter the comps - you might get lucky!)

  3. ahh yes, that is true. I will just go to the book shop and buy my first book of the year :P very excited for the 1st of May :)

    Happy Easter!

  4. Thanks Page - hope you're enjoying a chocariffic long weekend!

  5. if only blogger had a like button ^Like^