May 10, 2011

Guest post: Twenty10's Rebecca Reynolds on Little Sister

WARNING: Rebecca's post contains spoilers. If you want Little Sister's action to be a total surprise STOP reading now.

Still here? Excellent! Twenty10 is an organisation I first came across many years ago, when I was working on a government website for young people. I was struck then by how valuable their work is, and was pleased to be able to tell Rebecca, Twenty10's managing director, this in person when I met her last year.

When I was invited to launch Little Sister in Sydney, I immediately asked Rebecca if she would speak at the event. Unfortunately she wasn't able to attend on the night but she very kindly sent a message of support, which is so lovely that I asked if I could put it on my blog as a guest post.

It has been a pleasure reading Little Sister. I work and live in a community where I see homophobia and bullying at its very worst, and Aimee has treated the issues that this brings up with a respect that indicates her understanding. This book also brings a lightness, however, and is true to life in that when life often feels like it is at its worst, then you meet and find some of the most amazing people, friendships and things of beauty. Congratulations Aimee. Your words have found a way to tell the stories of so many people, and to hopefully let many more truly see that they are not alone in their worlds.

Rebecca Reynolds, Managing Director - The Twenty Ten Association

Twenty10 We all need a place to feel safe. A place to be welcomed and supported. A place to be ourselves. Twenty10 aims to create and nurture such places for young people, their families and communities. Twenty 10 is a community-based, non-profit statewide organisation. We work with and support young people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, their families and friends. We aim to be a beacon of strength and acceptance - supporting young people to build resilience and achieve their potential.

Nice, huh?!

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