May 9, 2011

Star picks: Little Sister edition

Last week my Google reader app delivered me a swag of lovely Little Sister-related links! Even though I knew most of the posts were coming because they were part of my blog tour, it was still a thrill to open my blog list and see the name of my book. There were also some very kind reviews, which I wasn’t necessarily expecting.*

Here's a recap:

Mr Fantapants and I spent the weekend in Sydney (where we grew up) for the 'official' launch of Little Sister. It was fantastic to share the occasion with my family and old friends (as well as a few lovely readers who braved the crowd to say hello and have a chat about books and writing), and to be able to thank in person all the amazing people at Walker Books Australia. You can check out the pics on Facebook, if you feel so inclined.

The celebrating isn't over yet! My not-a-launch part-ay for Melbourne reader friends is this Saturday, hosted by the lovelylovely Younger Sun bookstore. I'd love to see you there!

* Because all of my blog hosts have very clear review policies that state that they will give their honest opinion of books sent for review.

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  1. hope you have a brilliant time in Sydney! I grew up in the Blue Mountains and went to Uni in Penrith :) and have stacks of family in Sydney so it feels a little like home to me too :)

    and thanks for the lovely comments about my blog :D