May 24, 2011

What's orange and sits in a box?

In reality, I suspect he just wanted to get out of a draught, but I like to think the Ginger Menace was paying tribute to our favourite box-loving cat, who turns four today. Happy birthday, Maru!


  1. gorgeous pc :) love the glowing eyes ;)

  2. They do look a bit evil, don't they? I think I'd better learn how to turn off the flash! {That said, it's a very flattering photo - he looks 5 kilos heavier in real life.)

  3. Hi Aimee!
    I'm not sure if Kate has asked you but could you please come to our next book club? It would be great if you could. It's on the 18th of June. Talk to Kate for more details.

    P.S. the pic is very cute!