June 27, 2011

Star picks: libraries are awesome edition

In a week when Read Write Web asked whether the results of the latest ALA survey point to a tipping point for ebook and libraries, many of the starred posts in my Google reader were also library related:*
  • first and foremost is Patrick Ness's passionate and eloquent Carnegie Medal acceptance speech, via The Guardian. I particularly loved his points about the incredible role librarians play in developing and nurturing readers, and as knowledge filters (methinks the latter will only become more valuable as digital publishing proliferates and we need more expert guidance to find the gems among the rhinestones)
  • the Centred Librarian made me realise what's missing from my trips to the beach (or perhaps that what's missing form trips to my local library is the beach!)
  • the Atlantic highlighted the New York Public Library's innovative online projects (and if you need further proof, I challenge you to spend less than half an hour on What's on the menu - best use of crowdsourcing I've seen in yonks!)
  • Cerebral Boinkfest featured mobile libraries from around the world. My favorite is Alpha and Beta, the donkey library team from Colombia:

* not sure whether this is because there's a lot of talk about libraries going on at the moment, what with all the proposed closures in the UK and US, or if it's just because I've had libraries on the brain a bit since meeting so may awesome librarians at Reading Matters...

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