June 22, 2011

Star picks: Maru edition

Aack, the week's already half over and I'm running behind on EVERYTHING and a bit stressed and overwhelmed and I know it would all be fine if I just sat down and did what needs to be done but I'm frozen rabbit-like in the headlights of my ever-lengthening to-do list.

When I feel like this, there's only one sure way of bringing my blood pressure down: Maru the cat. Luckily for me, he and his blogging owner are prolific, so there was almost-daily comfort to be had.

Last week, Maru...

...got a new box

...loved both his old and new scratching boards
...played hard to get

...wedged himself into a tiny drawer

 ...got the rain-crazies

...and had a catchy song written about him.

At least someone had a productive week!

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