September 29, 2011

Last Saturday, a small but dedicated crowd of YA readers and writers* convened at Northcote Town Hall (which, BTW, has the fanciest loos I’ve ever seen in a council building) for the second day of A Thousand Words. My session with Tim Pegler and Bec Kavanagh was about making writing work – with work, with life, with family, with distracting pets and various, somewhat related tangents about publishing vs self-publishing, the rise of the ebook and whether writers have to have a social media presence. I love doing sessions like this because it's so interesting to hear other people's approaches to their writing and to being An Author.

As with all bookish festivals, the highlight for me was meeting other writers and readers before and after the session. I caught up with lovely Megan-Literary Life, met my YA book-to-movie doppelganger (we both gave the screen versions of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging the thumbs up and Nick and Norah the thumbs down), chatted with the next James Patterson (he’s only 14 but he’s already planned his first trilogy, a couple of standalone novels and the eight-book series that will rocket him to fame – I am in absolute awe of him!), and talked about the long and thorny path to publication with a fellow web-contenter.

Bec and the ATW crew are already brewing up big plans for next year’s festival. I know where I’ll be on 4 and 5 August 2012!

* mainly people who identify as both, if the ones I chatted with were any indication

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