September 15, 2011

Star picks: foxes and (police call) boxes

Fave finds in my blog feeds last week:
  • You give, we give is an inspiring initiative from three Aussie YA book bloggers - Jess, Brodie and Rachel are collecting un-used books (a great way to clear your Goodreads will-never-read and duplicate-copy shelves)and donations to be used to buy books to put under KMart Giving Trees in Tassie, NSW and Victoria this December (via In The Good Books)
  • illustrator Owen Davey shared the secret to drawing you very own fox (hint: start with a banana)
  • or, if foxes aren't your style, you could knit a cat (including this luvverly ginger)
  • Rookie asked some quitewellknown people how they survived their first year of high school
  • My Girl Friday shared great tips for beating book blogger's block (just in time for this blogger, thanks Steph!)
  • Craftzine shared a project to make a kitty Tardis (the inside's even more deluxe!)

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