September 2, 2011

When the writing gets tough...

It's been a tough couple of months at my wee laptop desk. After a flying start, my work in progress stopped progressing and refuses to budge. There is obviously a problem, but is it with:
a) the plot?
b) the pacing?
c) the structure?
d) all of the above? (aka the triumvirate of first draft suck)

Hopefully I'll figure it out soon, but after yet another day of fruitless re-storyboarding there was only one thing left to do this afternoon: bake Freia's brownies.

I'm not much of a sweet tooth (I'll take a cheese board over a cheesecake any day), but the smell of hot, fudgy chocolatey goodness coming from the kitchen right now is pretty good. At least one thing worked out well today...

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