October 30, 2011

Star picks: Halloween edition

As someone who doesn't enjoy ghost stories, horror movies, paranormal romance, zombie apocalypses or anything else that goes bump in the night* Halloween's never been my thing, but there has been some starred (low level) spookiness in my blog reader feed lately:

* mainly because I am a) very easily scared and b) highly suggestible - a woeful combination

October 27, 2011

Big West Fest

I'm doing a session at the 2011 Big West Festival, which is very exciting in itself but even more so because the session is with fellow westies and ubertalented authors, Cath Crowley and Amra Pajalic. If I manage to stop fangirling over the two of them for long enough, I might be able to join the conversation...

The session's at my beloved Sun Theatre at 10am on 17 November. Best bit? It's free for schools! (And only $10 for non-schoolies.) Full details on the BigWest site.

October 20, 2011

Star picks

Two themes emerged strongly from the starred items in my Google reader list this week:
  1. knitting
  2. things I wish someone had told me when I was 14.
1. The knitting
Maybe it's because of all the sock knitting while I was dying sick, but I'm back in my knitting groove this week and suddenly it seems like everyone else is too:

Seriously cute penguin stays snug in his koozie

2. The things I wish I'd known about the agonies of growing up

  • Rookie let me in on the secret that everybody farts. And that periods are not the most humiliating thing in life (no, that would be PE). And that when it comes to boobs everything is normal. Ditto gender identity. Even as an (almost middle-aged) adult, I found this article reassuring!
  • Hank Green made a very lovely, very honest video about his own confusion about his sexual orientation as a teenager for Coming out Day.

* made even cooler by the fact that some of these boys attend Dog Kennel Hill primary - surely the coolest primary school name EVER

October 14, 2011

5 things to do on your sickbed

Just as I thought I'd beaten last week's cold I was struck down by another (worser) lurgy and have spent the past three days in bed. Thus I present my Top 5 things to do on (or should that be in?) your sickbed:

1. Watch Doris Day movies (thank you, Maribyrnong Library, for your extensive collection!).

2. Knit socks (these are for my mum)

 3. Read books you've had on your wishlist for aaaages

4. Drink hot toddys (if you're over 18, obv.)

5. Follow your cat's example: snuggle under the covers and sleep it off (esp. following 4)

October 5, 2011

Star picks from my sick bed

One of the bonuses of spending most of winter holed up in my living room writing was avoiding the germs and viruses that abound in the cold months. I was feeling rather proud of myself for having made it to Spring (to the start of daylight savings, even) without so much as a swollen gland, which is probably why - six weeks into my new job - I am sicksicksick.
The good thing about being so far behind on posts in my google reader is that I've had plenty to entertain me while I recuperate. The blog posts that have been making me feel better between salt-water gargles include: