October 20, 2011

Star picks

Two themes emerged strongly from the starred items in my Google reader list this week:
  1. knitting
  2. things I wish someone had told me when I was 14.
1. The knitting
Maybe it's because of all the sock knitting while I was dying sick, but I'm back in my knitting groove this week and suddenly it seems like everyone else is too:

Seriously cute penguin stays snug in his koozie

2. The things I wish I'd known about the agonies of growing up

  • Rookie let me in on the secret that everybody farts. And that periods are not the most humiliating thing in life (no, that would be PE). And that when it comes to boobs everything is normal. Ditto gender identity. Even as an (almost middle-aged) adult, I found this article reassuring!
  • Hank Green made a very lovely, very honest video about his own confusion about his sexual orientation as a teenager for Coming out Day.

* made even cooler by the fact that some of these boys attend Dog Kennel Hill primary - surely the coolest primary school name EVER

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