December 16, 2011

Star picks: the late, late edition

I'm not even going to try to make excuses for why I haven't posted in a month, but here's what's been keeping me amused lately:
  • The Ramones, only much smaller (via Hello Giggles) - I'm not sure these kindy kids from South Korea's parents would approve of their teacher leading them in a rousing version of 'Judy is a Punk', but in addition to their English vocab they're learning some valuable pogo-ing techniques...
  • Lisa Hanawalt's guide to what dogs really want (The Hairpin)
  • Geeky family portraits (Mental Floss) - makes me a) grateful that my parents had no obsessions that could be expressed in pictorial form, b) slightly wistful, because on the whole these families look like they're having an ace time together, and c) wonder what life was like in the Ghostbusters' house...
  • Keith Hopkin's beautiful video portrait of dogs in cars (The snoots sniffing the breeze! The ears flapping! The doggy smiles!!)
  • Forgotten Bookmarks

And now I'm off to follow Neil Gaiman's advice.