January 4, 2012

Hello 2012

It's the start of another shiny new year and I'm such a procrastinator that I still haven't decided whether to even make any resolutions in 2012, let alone what they might be. Part of what's holding me back is that I failed most of last year's rather modest resolutions spectacularly.

In 2011, I didn't learn how to draft my own sewing patterns; there were months when I couldn't do my back exercises because of the pain in my right arm that made it virtually unusable for 10 months; I did floss more, but not every day. My most embarrassing fail was my reading resolution: read more non-YA. Even with some great reading recommendations from people whose book taste I trust, my YA to adult fiction reading ratio was about 80:20.*

Looking back over my list of resolutions makes me feel like 2011 was one big timesuck of failure, but then I remembered some stuff that I did do during the year that could be seen as small achievements:
  • I had a novel and two picture books published (okay, that's a moderately big achievement, but all the hard work on them was done in 2010)
  • I went to my first YA conference - the most excellent Reading Matters - and met some ace librarians and bloggers and a few of my fave authors
  • I had a most excellent time teaching writing workshops and doing the occasional school visit
  • I discovered that, for me, having the time to write all day every day will not make the words come any faster,** and
  • on a related note, got a part-time job that uses my web content skills while indulging my interest in/adoration for libraries (and as a bonus I get to work with a superace team)
  • I found out that my application for a May Gibbs Creative Time Fellowship in 2012 was successful
  • I learned how to meditate (sort of, I'm still learning how to make my brain shut up, but meditation is a journey and all that).***
 So the question is, do I bother making resolutions and then deal with the shame of probably not keeping them, or do I puddle along all year without any concrete goals and hope that I'll manage to inadvertently achieve a few things along the way? Decisions, decisions...

* To be fair, this is not entirely my fault: if my local library didn't insist on putting the YA section at the front of the building I might occasionally make greater inroads into the adult section. As it is, by the time I get to the grown up books at the back my book bag is full.
** A painful lesson but better to learn it after a few months than a few years, I suppose.
 ** If you're at all interested in learning to meditate I can heartily recommend the free guided meditation podcasts from Meditation Oasis - not too much woo woo new ageism and the host regularly offers the reassurance that "if your mind has wandered, it doesn't matter".


  1. You are amazing and I'm vey proud of you! Love you! Sindy xoxo

  2. Thanks Sin, love you too! xxx

  3. I'm in the opposite boat...I read almost exclusively YA and hardly any Adult. I am going to work at reading more middle grade as part of my goals for 2012!

    Hope you have as much success this year as the last! Three books...that's awesome :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  4. I didn't know you also had two picture books out? Also my reading resolution is to read more in general. Need to challenge my brain cause I've been watching way too much television.

  5. I'm so with you, Amra - gotta get the synapses firing again!