January 9, 2012

Resolution, singular

After thinking on it some more I decided to only make one resolution for 2012: I signed up for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, pledging to read at least 12 books and review at least four of them.
The reading will be the easy part, especially since some of my favourite authors have new releases coming out this year (including CathCrowley, Fiona Wood, Gerry Bobsien and Leanne Hall – it’s a bumper year for Aussie YA!). Reviewing is not my strong point, as I learned in Nanoremo 2010, but I shall do my best.

The best part of this resolution is not its (almost) guaranteed success, or even supporting and promoting other Australian women authors, it’s the fact that I’m actually looking forward to it. (Something I can’t say about flossing.) Roll on 2012!

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