May 30, 2012

Star picks (aka the Rookie edition)

Choice picks from my Google Reader stream this week:
* I attempted many of these in my youth. Unsuccessfully.

May 20, 2012

Hear me roar

I've been practising my very cranky bear impersonation for National Simultaneous Storytime at Footscray Library. Right now, he still sounds more mildly annoyed than really cranky, but by Wednesday I promise I'll have my ROAR down pat!

May 16, 2012

[Insert excuse for not blogging here]

I’m not even going to bother making excuses for how long it’s been between blog posts. Suffice to say that since delivering the manuscript for Book3 (aka Freia2) I’ve been on a break from writing and doing a few of these things. But now I’m back (for now)

Here are a few choice gems from my Google Reader reading lately:
  • Rookie's guide to puberty, courtesy of Cora Murphy's 4th Grade assignment for Mrs Kaplan
  • the  Guardian's analysis of the Famous Five's diet (apparently lashings of ginger beer and jam tarts are nutritionally sound after all)
  • of all the moving tributes to Maurice Sendak last week (and there were many), my favourite was this video, via Alien Onion.