September 7, 2012

May Gibbs fellowship redux

I had such good intentions about blogging regularly during my May Gibbs Children's Literature Trust creative time fellowship, but the four weeks passed so quickly that suddenly I'm back in Melbourne with nary a post in sight since Day 1 :\

So, here's the condensed version of what I did for a month:
  • plotted, wrote a little, plotted some more (repeat daily x 28, with varying degrees of success)
  • presented story and character development workshops to the fabulous Year 11s at Seymour College, who reminded me (if any reminder was needed) why I love writing for teenagers
  • attended the CBCA book of the year announcement, where I got to see fellow Westie Kate Constable pick up a gong and meet fellow Walkerites Bob Graham and Susan Green
  • walked and walked and walked around my neighbourhood, as plotting meditation (and also to see the spring bulbs in bloom).
I really can't think of a better way to start a new novel than with an intense period like this. I've returned home with about 10,000 decent-ish words (not bad for a slowpoke writer like me) and most of a plot, but most importantly with a beginning.