July 19, 2013

Baby steps

I knew it had been a long time between posts but I didn't realise it was almost half a year! Half a year since I wrote ANYTHING non-work related. (I returned to my job-job in March, working pretty much whenever I can grab a few minutes.)

I'd feel guilty about it but the truth is that I haven't had the time or energy to write since Little Ms Marmalade joined us. But I think that might be changing. And I think it's definitely related to the fact that LMM started sleeping for more than three hours at a stretch through the night. (Seriously, the effect of getting at least 6 hours' sleep every night cannot be underestimated.)

But now that the urge to write is returning I'm faced with a different dilemma: what to write. I began  a new novel over a year ago, while I was in Adelaide on my May Gibbs Children's Literature Foundation fellowship, so of course the part of my brain that is terrified of starting things from scratch is saying, 'Go on, get back to that.' But the part of my brain that knows I'll have about 30 minutes a day to write (if LMM has two decent-length naps and I get my job-job work done first) is shaking its head and telling me I'm setting myself up for failure.

Of course, I know I could find more time in my day if I really wanted to. I hear about it from other authors regularly: those who get up at 5am so they can get a couple of hours' writing in before the kids wake up and/or they go to their full-time job/uni; those who eschew slumping in front of the telly with a glass of wine in the evening for time at their laptops; those who are disciplined enough to take that half hour and make every second count. But that's not me. Not at the moment, anyway. So I'm starting small, with this post.

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