October 25, 2013

In case of fire

I'm a sucker for those 'what the contents of your bag say about you' posts, but since my current 'handbag' is a nappy bag with my wallet and sunnies stowed in the back pocket I thought I'd move to the less mundane topic of what I'd save if my house was on fire.

Back when we had Big Orange Cat, Mr Fantapants and I had a recurring conversation about who I'd save first if there was a fire: BOC or Mr F? My answer never changed; I'd save BOC first because I could pick him up and run out of the house. That this was something that would be physically impossible for me to do with Mr F didn't stop him being slightly shirty about my choice. Flash forward to a catless house and the conversation is redundant - we'd both save Ms Marmalade first (that said, I can see Mr F attempting to hoik me over his shoulder in a fireman's carry at the same time; my physical limitations remain).

Assuming that my loved ones were safe, here's what else I'd grab, in order of preciousness:
  • us as cats - for my 24th birthday, Mr F drew a portrait of us as cats. He is a handsome ginger and I have a spectacular snow leopard-esque tail. I am still flattered that he gave me such a beautiful tail.
  • Barbara Hanrahan print - I've loved Barbara Hanrahan's art and her writing since high school, so this is one of those I-never-thought-I'd-actually-own-one items. It was purchased on a whim while I was working at an art on paper fair, but I'm so glad I spent a month's pay on it because it makes me happy every time I look at it.
  • charm bracelet - originally my mum's when she was a teenager, she passed this bracelet down to me when I was 16. Among the charms are a champagne bucket on ice, a handsome bear, a skull and a statue of Aphrodite, given to me by Mr F to mark our first trip to London. Destined to be a family heirloom.
  • first edition Wombles - my love of the Wombles extended so far as to give myself Bungo as an unofficial middle name when I was 10. Another heirloom for Ms M.

Yep, that's all I need.

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