October 24, 2013

Things that freak me out

[Hat tip to Fat Mum Slim for topic inspiration.]
  1. Gastropods - snails, slugs and any other invertebrates that sploodge along on their slimy tums. (Sadly this extends to earthworms who I know are benign and really very useful but still make me reel in fright if I accidentally come across one while digging in the vegie patch.) My molluscophobia dates back to fifth grade, when I trod on a slug in the dark on my way to a midnight fridge raid at a friend's house. I can still feel it squooshing between my toes...
  2. Medical procedures on TV - I don't care whether it's real surgery or Grey's Anatomy, I do not want to see anyone's insides.
  3. People who can dislocate their joints at will - please don't.
  4. The sucky-thing they use at the dentist - I always feel as though it's going to attach itself to my tongue, like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner...or a Dr Who special effect.
  5. Going fast - I'm not a fan of autobahns, high-speed freeways, bungyjumps or rollercoasters. I know some people get a thrill from it. They are kerazy.
  6. Wobbly teeth - seeing young friends wobbling their loose teeth with their tongues or - horror of horrors, trying to extract them with their fingers, string or other home-dentistry instruments - makes my stomach churn.
  7. Driving - I don't drive so people are surprised when they learn that I got my license at 19, on my first attempt. Even as a learner I was a nervous driver; now, it gives me panic attacks.
  8. People who don't like animals - I understand being a dog person or a cat person or even a reptile person, but if you tell me you don't-like-animals-fullstop I will back away slowly and then run as fast as I can.

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