November 10, 2013

Stereo Stories

Well, Supernanny has moved on to the next family in need and tomorrow it's back to me and Ms Marmalade. While I've enjoyed going into the office a couple of times and hanging out with my fabulous and lovely colleagues, and being able to catch trams and sit somewhere other than the front seats of the bus and having lunch with friends at cafes that do not supply highchairs, I'm really looking forward to getting back to being a mum. (Remind me of that on Wednesday afternoon, which is about when I expect the novelty to have worn off.)

I didn't quite make my goal of posting every weekday while I was on parental leave, but I did post more frequently than I've ever managed to before and while they were not the most riveting or well-written posts this blog has ever seen, I do have a sense of satisfaction that I managed to write something after such a long break from writing. I also posted a little extract from Finding Freia on Stereo Stories, an ace blog about music and memories.

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