Finding Freia Lockhart

How NOT to be a successful teen

When Freia's best friend starts hanging out with Westside's popular group of Bs, Freia knows if she wants to keep the friendship, she's going to have to fit in. But how much fake tan, lip gloss and boy talk can Freia stand? Especially now that she's been roped into the school musical...

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Reviews for Finding Freia Lockhart


"In a funny and fresh style with dry, humorous asides, Aimee Said's anti-heroine comments on her shallow, fashion-obsessed peers, her ancient parents, herself, and life in general, while she tries to circumnavigate the dangerous cliffs of high school etiquette and find her true identity." The White Ravens 2011 catalogue, March 2011

"...a funny and touching story with an immensely likeable protagonist who's just trying to get through the day without making a complete ass of herself...It gives an insight into the pressures teens face as Freia negotiates adolescence with poise and dignity." Magpies Magazine, March 2010

"This multi-layered story about relationships, making choices and finding one's self is told in a light-hearted, fast-flowing narrative with clever dialogue and characters to both love and hate. (four stars)" Good Reading Magazine, May 2010

"Aimee Said manages to capture many issues confronting teens and sensitively and adroitly shares messages about the importance of real friendship and family." Reading Time, May 2010

"...this insightful and enjoyable first novel...gently unfolds, and will touch the reader through its dry humour and the universal nature of Freia's experiences." Viewpoint, Winter 2010

"Finding Freia Lockhart is all about embracing who you are, the depth of real people, the power of true friends and discovering what is really of value in life...Said manages a dry and witty observational style that ensures this book will have its fans." Fiction Focus, Vol. 24 No. 2 2010

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